Shari and Garen were able to purchase this Rutherford Bench estate in 1985 after spending many years learning about wine together. Their longtime dream to farm a vineyard and produce wines of great quality was something they wanted to share with their family. To encourage active participation Brandon and Shannon were offered a small cash gift to invest in the vineyard. Today all members of the family work in day to day operations of the vineyard and winery. 

Shari & Garen Staglin

CEO / Co-Owner, Co-Owner

Shannon Staglin


Brandon Staglin

One Mind President


Led by the focused guidance of Winemaker Fredrik Johansson, our production team crafts site driven wines that capture the unique expression of time and place.  Our estate fruit creates wines with great balance, elegance and ageability.  With every vintage we gain experience and understanding and apply this to produce the best wines possible that are a reflection of our Rutherford Bench vineyard.

Fredrik Johansson


Matt Peterson

Associate Winemaker


Great wines begin with great vineyards and at Staglin Family Vineyard we are fortunate to have the most dedicated and meticulous caretakers of our estate.  Under the leadership of David Abreu, our vineyard crew spends each day nurturing the vines to cultivate optimal ripeness and complexity out of each cluster.  Many of the crew, including our foreman, have been working with this property for over twenty years. This devotion yields invaluable experience and knowledge which are an integral component to the quality of our wines.

David Abreu

Vineyard Manager

Richard Villasenor

Vineyard Foreman


Providing an excellent and personable client experience is one of our top priorities. We look forward to welcoming you to the Estate.

Megan Valdez

Client Service Manager

Jaime Orozco

Hospitality Manager

Megan Valdez – Client Service Manager

Jaime Orozco –Hospitality Manager


Ambassadors of Staglin Family Vineyard building relationships with our valued trade partners both near and far.

Amber Mihna

Trade Sales Director

Hollis Nelson

California Sales Manager

Amber Mihna – Trade Sales Director

Hollis Nelson – California Sales Manager