Founded in 1985

Completed in 2002 our 24,000ft² underground production facility is customized to enhance the unique characteristics of this vineyard.


Situated under a steep hillside overlooking the vines, the winery’s underground construction minimizes its impact on the local ecosystem. The old oak trees on the hillside are unharmed by the caves deep beneath them. These modern caves provide naturally gentle storage conditions with a cool constant temperature and mild humidity. We use less electricity to cool the winery and lose less wine to evaporation.

Certified Organic Vineyard

Situated at the base of the western slopes of Mount St. John, the tallest mountain in the Mayacamas Range, this sixty-one acre property is located in an alluvial fan containing rich volcanic soils. With ideal soils, microclimate and location, the estate’s potential was recognized by some of the first Napa Valley settlers and was planted to vineyards in the mid 1860’s. Today the property is home to the Staglin family, fifty-one acres of vines, an underground winery, the historic homestead, a solar array and the many critters that inhabit this certified organic estate.